Tips for Effective Board Member Communication

Properly built communication in a board team affects not only the productivity and mood of its members but also acts as one of the main tools for enchasing board efficiency. Here are important tips to improve board communication. The principles of the board communication Effective communication in the workplace is essential for almost every workflow, […]

Are Nonprofit Boards Really Necessary?

Effective governance for NPOs is especially important since such organizations always carry out some socially important mission, do not aim to earn money, and, due to this specificity, are often limited in resources. NPOs: the commitment to the principles of management The nonprofit sector is distinguished by various organizational forms and a wide range of […]

The benefits of board portals for fund service providers

The board portal as a means for storing and quickly exchanging business-critical information between collegial fund bodies is becoming increasingly in demand. This article will analyze the advantages of the software. Board portal – a new look at fund service management In nonprofit organizations, any action must be economically justified. Our enterprises have “grown up” […]