Tips for Effective Board Member Communication

Properly built communication in a board team affects not only the productivity and mood of its members but also acts as one of the main tools for enchasing board efficiency. Here are important tips to improve board communication.

The principles of the board communication

Effective communication in the workplace is essential for almost every workflow, starting with ordinary employees and ending with the board of directors. Business communication is a complex, multifaceted process of developing contacts between people in the official sphere. Its participants act in official status and focus on achieving a specific goal and solving particular problems.

Any chairman working with a remote board team knows firsthand how critical it is to manage the members of a virtual team. In today’s digital society, virtual board teams are the norm. Thus, communication should be as efficient as possible if you and your team are not in the same physical space.

Common tips for better board communication

Communication within the board team must be developed and directed in the right direction. If it is not done, they will develop themselves, and not the fact that in a positive direction for the organization. Effective communication between board members is extremely important, as it ensures the timely exchange of information without wasting time. Without proper communication, the workflow loses meaning: colleagues do not hear and listen to each other. These nuances negatively affect the entire company’s work, lead to corporate conflicts and work inconsistencies and exacerbate staff turnover.

The following tools are being introduced to improve board team communication in the company:

    • Corporate culture is being formed with the message of its principles to each employee.
    • A single information space is being created to exchange information between employees, storage, and access to documents and instructions of the organization. In this case, board software is the best option.
    • Information stands, magazines, newspapers, mailing lists, and instructions are available to help the employee understand some issues on their own.
    • Various events are held for the cohesion of the staff (team building, corporate training).
    • An adaptation program for newcomers is being introduced, and mentoring and support for new employees in the team are welcome.
    • A corporate social network is being put into use. Such a simple tool helps employees share information and simply communicate, regardless of location, helps to interact with remote workers and create a favorable climate in the team.

Board portal: how to organize effective board communication?

The board software is designed to support board management processes. A virtual office is a specially dedicated area of the portal, available only to the board team, in which documents, regulations, project plans, and information on the status of project tasks are published. Here the problems of the project are discussed, and documents are coordinated. Board members receive notifications about changes in documents and project news. The software data warehouse is designed for centralized storage of documents and providing access to them for users, including the implementation of the possibility of joint work on documents. The principle of collective discussion and decision-making on issues within the competence of a particular body makes it possible to more objectively and effectively solve certain problems. The system allows voting in real-time, and the ability to comment on agenda items allows you to involve all participants effectively. Besides, the corporate-oriented social network seems to be a convenient and fairly obvious solution for organizing board collaboration.